Thursday, July 30, 2009

Storyboards - HereAfter movie Part 1

Here's these Storyboards that I did for this Indy movie a few years ago that I think never got filmed. The film deals with the tsunami that hit Thailand.


Storyboards - HereAfter movie Part2

Storyboards - CableDay the movie

These storyboards I did a few years ago for this parody movie of TRAINING DAY called CABLE DAY which never got filmed. It was a great experience collaborating with the director.

3D Cinematics

Here's this 3D Cinematics that I did for BottleRocket Entertainment. I created this cinematic in Maya 3D software. I set up the shots & cameras. I did the basic animation for the animators so they would have a basic idea what the character is doing in the scene and they can do their magic to bring it to life.

I edited the audio and sound effects in AfterEffect. I have to be thankful to my buddy Erol Oksuz for being patient with me when he was showing me how to do cinematics in Maya. I had a great time doing cinematics. It's like taking the next step from Comics to Animatiion. So I put all my studying of storytelling in comics and applied it to 3D Cinematics. This comes close to making a movie. It pretty cool.


Flash Video Game - Storyboards part 1

Here's some storyboards for the in game cinematics for the cancelled FLASH video game. They're rough looking but you get the idea how the scene plays out.


Flash Video Game - Storyboards part2

The Warrior and the Orc!

Here's some new concept designs I did a couple of months ago. I think they came out pretty cool.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from the San Diego Comic Con!

Comic Con was a blast! I met a lot of fans and fellow comic book artist like Jamal Igle. I did a lot of commissions and sold a ton of 13 x19 prints like the Watchman piece that's on my blog. It was my top seller. Next to Batman and then Flash. People were digging the preview pages of the WEB One Shot which comes out next month. So over all, it was cool.

BTW Here's a splash page from the WEB #1. Enjoy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The WEB #1 Starting Off with a BANG!

If you havn't heard I'm now the regular artist on The WEB ongoing series. So we wanted to start off the WEB #1 with a bang so here is this 2page spread with the WEB slugging Deadly Force and flying out of a burning warehouse.

I recently did an interview with Newsarama talking about The WEB so check it out. Here's a link to it.