Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Echoes of The Damned #1

Hey there! I finally done it. I finally got a blog going. Buddies of mine who have blogs have bugged me for years to get a blog going and I've been putting it off for the longest time. So since I got a ton of stuff (comic art, concepts, etc.) I might as well share...

For my first posting,I thought I'd post the cover of my first creator-owned series ECHOES OF THE DAMNED that I'm illustrating and co-writing with James Pascoe. It is being published by Devil's Due Publishing and the first issue comes out next week. Check it out when you go to the comic book shop.

The ECHOES cover was digitally painted in Photoshop. As you can tell it has a Mignola influence. It was a tough one because I was very picky with the compostition and I must I've done a 100 thumbnails to finally chose this one. I think it came out alright for an first issue cover.


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