Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DR SOLAR Man of the Atom #3 Sneak Peek!

Here's a couple of pages from DR SOLAR #3. I'm having a blast working on the book with Jim Shooter. Jim's expressed to me how he likes my take on Solar. It's cool to hear that. Hopefully the Solar fans feel the same way.



Kevin said...

I for one think its great!

Kevin said...

I for one think its great!

J.C. Vaughn said...

Looks very nice!

Anonymous said...

Dear Roger,
I'm very happy that you are the new Solar artist: stunning art, perfect storytelling and spectacular action!
I hope you are here for the long haul!

P.S.: Are you going to draw Solar#0 serialized in Solar#5?

Best wishes from Italy!

Kevin said...

I picked up Solar #3 and thought the art was just great! Your take on Surya is pure awsomeness.